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About our company...

Cuantic is an open source technology solutions company focused in government and private sector.

The experience we had converting the C letter of CRM from Customer to Citizen and scaling it to large datasets is what allowed us to have many successful business cases in government implementations.

Healthcare industries, animal health and production, automotive, capital markets, electronics and high tech, financial services, freight and logistics, industrial equipment, media and entertainment are some of the industries where we delivered high performance solutions.

What we do?

We give a broad range of services and solutions in software and technology consulting. That includes customization and implementation of open source projects.

We builded many high volume dataset implementations with several tens millions contacts, activities and interactions with the organization.

GMP software

From the beginning we worked in the pharmaceutical market and we know the needs that industry has about its software, combining traceability and technology.


We combine all our tools with a dashboard and a report engine to let you see all the information from the organization in one place. This information empowers the organization and makes efficient the operations.

Consulting Services

Our team of experts can help you define and automate any kind of process. We use a Workflow Engine to order your operation and convert that complex flow in just few actions.

Campaign Automation

One of our products is a software builded over OroCRM to send campaigns through multiple channels (email, SMS, IVR and social networks). This software is designed to reach high volume of contacts and can send messages to millions in just hours.

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